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Saniflo Saniplus Toilet Review

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The Saniflo Saniplus toilet is a macerating toilet that allows you to break up your waste before sending it out to the sewer. In general, macerating toilets are excellent toilets and don’t require any hole cutting into the floor of your bathroom. Instead, the macerator pump flushes the water out the back through your wall.

Product Overview

The Saniplus is on the higher end of the price range for macerating toilets, but the price is warranted with the incredible features this toilet offers. This is on our list of the best macerator toilet. Before anything else, the toilet looks excellent. It has a very sleek style to it that makes this able to fit with the rest of your bathroom, including colors, other fixtures, and your bathroom décor. The elongated toilet bowl is a huge plus and makes this toilet easy to use and comfortable to sit on.

Saniflo Saniplus 002/087/005

  • Pump operates at 10 PSI
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty
  • Flush Type: Gravity Flush Toilets
  • Why we like it: This toilet also features a gravity flushing system that is strong enough to get everything down, quickly and efficiently. 

Most other toilets can’t beat the performance of this macerating toilet. The macerator uses stainless-steel blades which is incredibly effective for breaking down waste and debris into a slurry substance. The toilet has a 1.6 GPF rating making this an incredibly useful and water-saving toilet. It hasn’t yet been WaterSense certified, but based on the rating, it is a very water-efficient toilet. 1.6 gallons per flush is still a lot better than the standard 3 or more gallons per flush. I’d take those savings any day. The pump operates at 10 PSI which is powerful enough to flush out all the waste with one flush.

A massive advantage to this macerating toilet over others is the ADA certification. What that means is you have the benefit of Comfort Height. These comfort height toilets sit a little taller than others and make sitting down much more comfortable. Although this toilet is on the pricier side, the features and benefits it offers make it worth it.

What most people love about their macerating toilets is what it can also connect to. The Saniplus pump has been designed to connect with Upflush toilets, any sink, any shower, and any bath. Hook up your whole bathroom to this pump.

How this macerating toilet works

This macerating toilet works similarly to other macerating toilets. In general, a macerating toilet is different from a standard toilet. With a standard toilet, it flushes the waste and water gravitationally downward where it continues down and out to the sewer. With a macerating toilet and one that has an Upflush system, waste and water are discharged out of the back of the toilet into the macerator. The macerator then commonly uses blades to chop up any waste and debris to make it a smooth flow from the pump to the sewer line.

The pressure chamber starts the unit and stainless-steel macerator blades with the pump. Once the flush is activated, the flowing water activates a switch in the pressure chamber. This is what starts the motor. Water and organic waste matter enter the chamber and are macerated at 3600 RPM. This creates a centrifugal force that ejects the waste through a grill into a container.

How to install the Saniflo Saniplus

The installation process couldn’t be more straightforward. Because you don’t have to cut a hole in the ground of your bathroom, it makes it easy for many people to do. There are only four connections to the Saniflo Saniplus system.

  • The pump is connected to the spigot of a horizontal outlet toilet
  • Then you connect the toilet tank to the water supply.
  • Connect the pump to the small diameter discharge pipework.
  • Finally, connect the macerating pump to the electrical supply.
  • The optional step with any Saniflo macerating system is to connect the discharge pipes from the sink, shower, and bathtub. You can connect almost any bathroom fixture to this system.

If you ever have trouble getting this installed, the toilet kit comes with instructions that are straightforward and easy to follow. Follow these instructions to install your macerating toilet.


● Connect all your bathroom fixtures to this macerating pump.
● The elongated bowl makes this comfortable to sit on and nice to look at.
● ComfortHeight - The comfort height means the toilet bowl is raised higher off the ground than standard toilets, making for a comfortable seat every time.
● No floor holes - You don’t need to make any more holes in the ground to install this toilet and macerating system.
● High-quality macerator - Stainless steel blades and fast movement make this a winner.
● Easy installation - The installation is straightforward for most people.


● The toilet seat is not included with this toilet.
● To hide the macerator inside the wall, you must purchase an extension pipe.


There are many benefits to having a macerating toilet, and the Saniflo Saniplus is no different. With stainless-steel macerating blades and a beautiful style to the toilet, it makes the choice simple. The extra benefits of an elongated bowl and Comfort Height toilet are nice as well. If you want a fantastic macerating toilet from a high-quality brand, take a look at the Saniflo Saniplus.

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