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Toto CST744SF.10 Toilet Review

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The Toto CST744SF.10 is a 10-inch rough-in toilet that includes a lot of sought after features that combine performance with design. The Toto brand is always enhancing their toilets to be ahead of the pack when it comes to features and benefits.

Product Overview

This toilet is part of the Toto Drake collection of toilets, and this toilet is their 10-inch rough-in style that includes water savings with the same powerful flushing technology. The high-profile design is durable enough to work with residential and commercial applications. This high-profile tank design also looks sleek when you combine it with the 10-inch rough-in that gives this a stylish yet compact look. The chrome trip lever is also beautifully curved and looks nice. The 10-inch rough-in doesn’t come with the supply, but that means you can provide your own to make this toilet work with your unique bathroom setup.

TOTO CST744SG#01 Drake

  • High-profile two-piece elongated
  • G-Max 1.6 GPF flushing system
  • Siphon jet and a large trapway
  • Why we like it: This fast and quiet flushing motion will leave you breathless, since you don’t have to worry about anything coming back up. 

This two-piece toilet is a universal height toilet. While some people need the comfort height style for more comfortable sitting, this universal height provides the perfect height for the widest range of use. This universal height is why the toilet works so well in a wide variety of residential and commercial applications. Children, adults, and those who need assistance with using the bathroom can all benefit from this universal height toilet.

The elongated front bowl makes for a more comfortable seat when using the bathroom, and most people are looking for elongated toilet bowls. As long as you have enough space in your bathroom for an elongated toilet bowl, it makes more sense to go for a toilet with this upgrade.

With a 1.6GPF (gallon per flush) system, this toilet saves you water and money. You’ll be saving a lot more water per flush and per year compared to the standard 3.5-gallon toilets. With these water savings also come tremendous flushing power. The Drake collection of toilets comes with the GMAX flush technology. You get a 125% wider flush valve, siphon jet for increased flow, and a fully glazed trapway the provides a quiet yet powerful flush.

Toto has combined beauty and performance with this Drake collection toilet model. The high-profile design is sleek and smooth, and the concealed design makes for easier cleaning. Toto believes in a beautiful design for everyone and has optimized this toilet to provide a comfortable bathroom experience for all ages.

10-inch rough-in works great for older homes

If you have an older home, it is more common that you have a bathroom that requires a 10-inch rough-in. Many toilets with 10-inch rough-ins are older models that don’t include features like water efficiency or powerful flushing capabilities. Having a toilet brand like Toto that meets the needs of their customers with a 10 inch toilet for older homes is helpful for those who want a beautiful design without sacrificing performance.

If you have an older home that requires a 10-inch rough-in toilet, consider this model from the Toto Drake collection.

Nothing compares to the Toto flush technology

Toto is continuously making advances to bathroom technology, and you can see that represented in this toilet model. The GMAX flush technology combines many features that make this toilet extraordinarily powerful while still keeping it water efficient. Here’s what you get with the GMAX flush technology from Toto:

● Large water surface - The broad water surface coverage cleans your toilet with every flush, so you don’t have to clean as much.
● Extra-large siphon jet - The siphon jet in this toilet is enormous and provides extra power for every flush.
● Glazed trapway - The trapway of this toilet is larger than most other toilets and comes fully glazed. This enhanced trapway means less clogging and less cleaning.
● Wide flush valve - The flush valve is 3 inches wide and provides a quick and powerful flush with every use.
● Pilot operated fill valve - The fill valve is pilot operated, which allows for increased water savings and a consistent flush every time.


● Sleek design - Toto always makes sure to give its customers a beautiful design.
● Elongated toilet - The elongated toilet bowl provides more comfortable sitting.
1.6GPF for water savings - You get a low-consumption toilet that saves you water and money with every flush.
● GMAX flush system - This powerful flushing system means less cleaning.
Universal height toilet bowl - The universal height toilet bowl allows for the widest range of use. Whether a small child or a large adult use this toilet, it provides the best experience for all users.


● The toilet seat does not come with this toilet, so you have to purchase your own seat.


Toto truly cares about its customers and believes in providing products that feature both beauty and performance. You can’t have one without the other, and this toilet is an excellent example of Toto’s mission. If you want a toilet that is packed with features and provides water savings with a powerful flush system, the Toto CST744SF.10 from the Drake collection is a perfect choice.

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