Last Updated : November 20, 2020

TOTO Vespin II Toilet Review

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If you are in the process of remodeling your bathroom or perhaps just want to replace your old toilet with a new one, then the TOTO Vespin II might just be the perfect toilet for the job. This toilet is great for many reasons. Many people believe that it is one of the best two piece toilets available on the market today. And with everything this toilet brings to the table, it is easy to see why.

The sleek design of this toilet is sure to be an excellent addition to any bathroom in the house, big or small. The TOTO Vespin II comes equipped with a double cyclone flushing system. This system allows the Vespin II to flush with ease. It flushes with great power, but you don’t have to be worried about it making too much noise.

TOTO Vespin II

  • Double Cyclone flushing system
  • SanaGloss ceramic glaze
  • 12-Inch Uni-Fit Rough-in
  • Why we like it: The ceramic TOTO Vespin II has a SanaGloss finish on it. This finish is the main reason why the Vespen can be cleaned so easily. 

Features of the TOTO Vespin II Toilet

The Vespin II has many great features that make this toilet an excellent choice when replacing an old toilet. While a lot of toilets are made out of porcelain, the TOTO Vespin II is made out of ceramic. A ceramic toilet is good for easy cleaning. And easy cleaning is something that everybody can enjoy.

The ceramic TOTO Vespin II has a SanaGloss finish on it. This finish is the main reason why the Vespen can be cleaned so easily. The SanaGloss finish helps to keep your toilet clean and help keep it free from bacteria and mold. This is an essential feature health-wise. And with the toilet staying clean much longer than other toilets, this means that less water will be wasted when cleaning it.

The overall weight of the TOTO Vespin II is a bit heavier than other toilets, but not by too much. The Vespin weighs about 106.5 lbs. The dimensions of the toilet are 28.5 x 16.5 x 30 inches. So that puts this toilet at average size. So that means that this toilet will work for large and small bathrooms alike.

Pros of the TOTO Vespin II Toilet

There are many positive aspects when choosing the TOTO Vespin II for your new toilet. If this is the new toilet that you want, you won't be disappointed with your choice. Here are some of the pros of the TOTO Vespin II toilet:

● The Double Cyclone Flushing System- The double cyclone flushing system allows the Vespin II to have very powerful flushing capabilities, without it being too loud. Although this toilet has a very powerful flush, it is still a low consumption toilet only using 1.28 gallons of water per flush.
● The SanaGloss Finish- The SanaGloss finish helps to protect the toilet's surface as well as making it extremely easy to lean the outside of the toilet and the bowl. The finish also is excellent at preventing mold and bacteria from forming on your toilet.
● The Design- The overall design of the TOTO Vespin II toilet makes it very appealing. It has an elongated front bowl, and its elegant two-piece design makes it look good in any kind of bathroom.

Cons of the TOTO Vespin II Toilet

The TOTO Vespin II toilet has many features that make it a great toilet. The toilet's design is very unique, and one of a kind and the ceramic allow this toilet to be cleaned with ease. But you have to take the good with the bad, the TOTO Vispin II does have some negative aspects to it. They aren’t nothing too extreme, but to the right person they might matter. Here are the cons of the TOTO Vespin II toilet:

Color Option- The TOTO Vespin II toilet doesn’t come with any color options. Although this doesn’t affect how the toilet operates. Some customers may be turned away from this toilet because it only comes in white.
● The Handle- Although the handle on the TOTO Vespin Ii works perfectly fine, some users might not like the handle. It is a lever handle that is located on the side of the tank. A lot of toilets have a push-button located at the very top of the toilet. But if you don’t mind the lever handle, then you have nothing to worry about.
● The Weight- The TOTO Vespin II isn’t the heaviest toilet on the market. But it is a lot heavier than other models. It is nothing to get too concerned about. It is really just a few more pounds.

The Summary

To sum everything up, if you need a new toilet and if you don’t mind the toilet being white, then the TOTO Vespin II is an excellent choice for your next toilet. The ceramic material won't disappoint you, and you will notice rather quickly how easy this toilet is to clean. If you decide to go with this model, you won't be disappointed.

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