While this blog is all about finding the best toilet for you, the decision is complicated by all the different types of toilets in the market. When choosing a toilet for your home it is very important to make the right choice as you are investing in something that you will be using for years to come.

Types of Toilets

Composting Toilets

Composting ToiletsThese eco-friendly toilets change toilet waste into a safe, easy-to-handle, soil-like material that can be buried in the garden or used as compost. They are odorless and use very little if any water.

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Portable ToiletsPortable Toilets

For those who like to go camping, the portable toilet is the answer. These toilets come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, from small to regular size. Some are waterless, others composting, and some even include a privacy tent.

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Flushing Toilets

Flushing toilets have come a long way and some of manufacturers pride themselves on their proprietary technology, using it for competitive advantage. Whether it’s a dual flush, which allows the user to select full or partial flush, or the mighty Champion flushing system, this range has something for everyone.

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Ceramic ToiletsCeramic Toilets

Ceramic toilets offer the best option for a glossy finish that is easy to keep clean. Many of the manufacturers have perfected this finish with specialized glazes that repel dirt and bacteria, ensuring that the finish lasts for years.

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High Tank Pull Chain ToiletsHigh-Tank Pull-Chain Toilets

Quaint and elegant, these toilets lend old-world charm to the bathroom. Their modern plumbing systems are assisted by gravity-fed water.

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One Piece ToiletsOne and Two-Piece Toilets

One-piece toilets come in continuous sleek designs that many customers prefer, as they have fewer grooves that can harbor bacteria. On the other hand, the two-piece toilet tends to be a little cheaper and is easier to install.

One Piece Toilets

Two Piece Toilets

Toilets Under 1 GPFOne–1.6 GPF Toilets and Water-Saving Toilets

Toilets with a GPF of less than 1, and toilets with a GPF between 1 and 1.6, reduce water usage whilst still effectively cleaning the bowl. These technologies and the benefits of each are discussed in more detail.

Water Saving Toilets

1-1.6 GPF Toilets

Elongated ToiletsRound and Elongated Toilets

Each bowl shape carries its own advantages. Round bowls tend to fit better into smaller spaces, whilst elongated bowls are generally roomier, affording the user a more comfortable seat.

Elongated Toilets

Round Bowl Toilets

Tankless ToiletsTankless and Wall-Hung Toilets

The best Tankless toilets have a truly modern look. They take up less room in the bathroom and when it comes to features, they seem to have the most to offer. Wall-hung toilets have similar features that people love, take up less room, and are very easy to clean.

Tankless Toilets

Wall-Hung Toilets

Final Words

Well there we have it, 13 different types of toilets that will hopefully help you narrow down the choice to the best one for you and help you understand how these different toilet types work.

If you are still undecided on which toilet to buy, you can visit the toilet brand section where we have listed the most popular and well-established brands and discussed what they stand for, what features stand out, and which brand has the best products.